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R820T2 Datasheet

Part Number : R820T2 Function : High Performance Low Power Advanced Digital TV Silicon Tuner Package : QFN 24 Type Manufacturers : Rafael Micro ImageĀ : R820T2 image Description : The R820T2 is a highly integrated silicon tuner that builds in low noise amplifier (LNA), mixer, fractional PLL, VGA, voltage regulator and tracking filter, eliminating the need for external SAW filters, LNA, balun, and LDO. Thanks the LNA architecture, R820T offers the lowest cost and high performance solution for digital TV application. On-chip LDO, high performance LNA, and small package enable R820T the perfect solution for both cost and font factor sensitive applications. Pinout : R820T2 datasheet pinout FeaturesĀ :
  1. Support all digital TV standards: DVB-T, ATSC, DTMB and ISDB-T.
  2. Lowest BOM cost WITHOUT external SAW filters, LNA, balun, LDO, and adjustable parts.
  3. Low cost Single-In Digital TV Application
  4. Compliant with EN 300 744, Nordig 2.2, D-BOOK 7.0, ARIB B21, ABNT 15604, ATSC A74 and GB20600-2006
  5. Compliant with EN-55020, EN55013 and FCC
  6. Ultra low power consumption < 178mA
  7. Single power supply 3.3V
  8. 2-wired I2C interface

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